Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cold, but no snow...

Chill days. Bright sun, brisk winds, short daylight. But no snow. A couple days ago we had an entire day that looked and smelled like snow, but it all fell south of us. The ground is still green-n-brown.

Suka and Dakota have come to extra-energetic life - Cold weather is simply a God-send to these heavy-coated girls. Dakota, especially, has taken to bouncing and looking at me wth her head turned sideways every time I get to my feet. She *knows* the routine, but still she's looking for an exception. Every. Single. Time. Suka mostly reacts by being much more noisy than usual, and more persistent.

Dakota has made things a bit more interesting... She and Suka had a resource spat a week or so ago, and Suka bellied-out immediately - and Dakota stopped. This is a good thing; Exactly the way a dog fight - if you *must* have a dog fight - should go. But it was Suka submitting. That's a first. And yet, at any other time, including after the fight, Dakota still defers to Suka, whom hasn't changed her pushy, bitchy ways one iota. It's as if, having made her point, Dakota has decided to humor Suka. And smart as Dakota is, I'd not be surprised if that wasn't exactly the case.


Holly said...

You can have some (most!) of ours. We are at 38 inches over the course of 3 days and counting. This weekend is supposed to hammer us yet again with lake effect.

My dogs are loving it, me ... not so much.

MaskedMan said...

I'll take about half of it - Can't leave you bereft, and 19 or 20 inches would be about right - Enough to shut us down for a day or day and a half, but not enough to wreck the entire week. And the dogs would love it - deep enough to really play, but not enough to make Suka completely vanish.

Holly said...

Vanish?! The Corgis are 12 inches tall! I could see the tip of ears IF they stood on a snow bank!

MaskedMan said...


Right. Can I haul the snow away in stages? Maybe half up front, then half what's left in a few days..?


MaskedMan said...

Heh. Now it's "snow, but no cold."

Clear blue sky straitght overhead, but not all that cold - snow falling steadily in a thin sort of way. Temps are pleasant, but due to fall, and since it rained like hell yesterday, I suspect that this is the humidity freezing out at altitude, in anticipation of a major cold snap.