Monday, October 18, 2010

Puppy lust...

Before anyone freaks out... I am SO NOT getting this puppy.

But I want him so bad my teeth hurt.

Financially-speaking, I have no right to even make a bid for him, but he needs a home... And he's SO my match in temperment and attitude. And he'd add some much-needed male energy to my small pack... If the economy were even a bit better, I'd snap him up so fast, his breeders would think he'd vaporized. :)

So who is this? He's Zeus - A nearly* breed-quality male ISSR Shiloh Shepherd (same breed as Dakota) puppy, 16 weeks and 48 pounds. A bit defiant, but laid-back and confident, and with a medium temperment. Pretty much describes me, yanno? Also my wife... And my daughter... And my son. :p

Can't afford the cost of healthchecks and potential puppy-type disasters, although I could possibly pull together the actual up-front costs. Since I can't afford the care, I can't afford the puppy. :( Would that more people thought this way... Though that would mean a lot more frustrated dog lovers. But fewer hurtin' pups.

Mind you, if someone reading this decided Zeus (or his sister Hera) were their perfect puppy, I'd hardly be offended. ;) Their breeders are trying to do things the right way, but responsible breeding is a good way to lose money, and with only two puppies in this litter, they're hurtin' too - the economy hits responsible breeders FAR harder than it hits puppy mills.

But DAMN, I want this puppy. ;)

*Technically, a "Pet-Upgradeable" puppy - One with faults, but might be upgraded to breeding status, if he shows offsetting strengths as he matures.


Holly said...

Puppy hard to resist.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Self control!

I know what you mean about the start-up costs.....that's just the beginning. Just like buying a horse. The purchase price is's the rest that's expensive!

Stay away from the puppy....


MaskedMan said...

Heh! Just so, Holly. Just so.

Too true, Lisa! Someone once told me, that if you hate someone, give their daughter a pony.

And, as a point in fact, one of the members of the breed club had their already-beloved 9-week old puppy suffer an intussusception. These deep-chested dogs are more vulnerable to that. Fortunately for her little fiery one, she had a lot of credit to throw down on his treatment (the puppy health insurance has a two week fallow period, and she was four days out from full coverage), and the vet she goes to is *really* good. They managed to resolve the crisis with laparoscopic surgery and heavy antibiotics, and he's back home, being a happy nuisance again.

Still, it cost her enough to buy a decent used car. I couldn't afford that kinda thing... not in this economy. So, no pup. :p

OTOH, Zeus has found a home, at 18 weeks (and nearly 60 pounds!), so he's good to go, and temptation has been removed from my plate. If his sister (Breed quality, they're fairly sure) doesn't find a home, they'll roll her back into the kennel, and she'll add to their breeding program in three or so years.