Saturday, October 2, 2010


An unplanned visit to the vet this morning. Suka popped up with a bloody wound and ragged fur on her right rear leg, on the muscle pad of her thigh just above the stifle joint. A quick call, and a trot over to vet, to determine that she's got a classic 'hot spot' injury, which she has worried at until it was bleeding freely.


So, spent some time, and she got clipped, and and cleaned up, and some steroids (Prednisone) and a goofy collar which is giving her no end of grief in navigation. Poor girl is getting hung up on everything... Even the ground. She lives to sniff stuff, and likes to do it at a trot... But when she lowers the cone, it snags on anything, including polished floors, and suddenly stacks Suka up on end.


All told, US$223.01 I wasn't planning on spending.


Suka looks like a dork today.
Poor girl - All the other dogs are laughing.

Classic hot-spot, with minor self inflicted lacerations:

Shouldn't oughta do that to yourself, girl!


Holly said...

Poor baby! lots of cookies help too!

MaskedMan said...

Heh! Indeed, she quite agrees.

Se even likes the ones with Prednisone tucked inside. Unfortunately, the drugs have given her a weak bowel... Ick.

Other side effects: She can't harass Dakota nearly so much as she'd like, and one of us has to hold her food dish for her so she can eat properly. Quite frustrated, she is...